More Blessed to Give

This year, for Christmas, my Mom, sister and I all decided that instead of buying each other things that we really don’t need, we would find organizations to donate to in honor of each other. It was great! And now that the gifts have been given, I’d like to share the ones that I decided on for them.

clothed Clothed in Hope – A charity I came across in trying to find a mission that would be close to Mom’s heart… sewing. (The cool back story of how this charity came about and the girl who founded it can be found here.)

bin Bindonated – I remember seeing this charity, based in Chicago, featured on an episode of ‘Secret Millionaire’ and thought it’d be an organization that Dad would like to support. (And the guy that heads it up is SUPER nice! He sent me an email personally, to thank me for my contribution.)

147 147 Million Orphans – Okay. So, once I ordered a bag for Jodi and saw it, it resembled one she already had, so this organization wasn’t anything new to her. BUT, with it going to a good cause, I didn’t mind! The proceeds still went to a great cause and she has another tote to use!

happy Everything Happy – This one made me happy to come across. I don’t know how I found it exactly, I think just in a general online search, but the story behind it is so sweet and the products are so cute! Found Savannah the cutest (softest) pink heart pillow. A lot of their other stuff just made me wish the kids were smaller again… *sigh…* But, all very cute, for a good cause.

water Charity:Water – I remember hearing this organization’s President speak at a leadership conference in Atlanta a couple of years ago. Great ministry.

Anyway! So, that’s my compiled list! Made me feel good to be able to contribute to so many great causes AND not only the ones I supported, but the ones that were donated to in MY name! I highly encourage you to click on the names above to check out some of these charities and what they’re all about.
Or, check out for even more options!

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