Laying it Down

“We must take our troubles to the Lord. But, we must do more than that ~ we must LEAVE them there.” (Hannah Whitall-Smith)


I love this quote. It’s one I’m driven back to, time and time (and time and time) again.

And yet, something in me still just doesn’t seem to ‘get it’.

I know it’s true. I know that my life works best when I’m able to complete the second part of this advisory. And yet… it’s still just so hard!

Please tell me I’m not the only one.

Tell me I’m not the only one who insists on holding onto (typically, with a death grip, mind you)  …TROUBLES.

Troubles, People.

We’re not talking the ‘good stuff’ of life. We’re talking the muck and mire here. The nitty gritty. The irritants of life. The poison.

Frustration. Anger. Resentment. Bitterness. Guilt. Fear. Unforgiveness. Anxiety.

You name it ~ it’s what gets locked up tight in my grip whenever it surfaces in my life.

I know where to take it. I know the One Who wants to take it from me and carry it for me. I know He’s more than ready, willing and able. And yet, often times, I manage to take it to Him and lay it before Him, only to then grab it all back up and walk away.

Why is that?!?

Why do I seem to insist on holding onto all the junk in life?

I mean… Imagine a storm came up and I was caught out in it and I got a huge chunk of something lodged in my hand. I knew enough to seek medical attention. The doctor took my hand in his, surveyed the damage, carefully removed the debris, cleaned the wounded area completely and assured me all was well.

… Only to have me say ‘Thank You’ with the most sincere of hearts, turn to walk out the door and snatch that nasty piece of junk back up on the way out and clench it in my treated hand.

Crazy, right?

Yet, that’s essentially what I tend to do with many of the troubles of this life.

The big question is…. WHY?

Why is it SO darned hard to relinquish a hold on the bad stuff?

And am I the only one who struggles with this?

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  1. Good stuff . Jessica…thanks for sharing and being so transparent.

  2. No, you’re not alone. Reminds me of what I learned at Deeper Still. That life is full of good moments and Satan tries to take them away by filling our thought life with the worries and bitterness and guilt. Beth asked, “how easy is it to recall your offenses?” For me? Very easy. I’ve always got a running list going. But it doesn’t lead to a very joy filled life, does it.

  3. There was a man we ministered to who lived under a bridge. He ended up there because of past hurts, failure, pain. He let his fear hold him hostage there, where he wasted many years of his life. We tried so many times to get him to walk out of that place, where even he knew God didn’t intend for him to live. But he remained, and no one could make him leave it behind. Just recently he gave a testimony to our church about how he finally decided to face his fear (which was the process of cleansing the poison — alcohol — out of his life). In a matter of months, God took this man from living alone and destitute in a pit to being delivered from addiction, having a job and reconciling with his family. Looking back, he said, nothing would’ve ever changed if he hadn’t made that first, frightening step. His only regret, apart from allowing himself to end up there in the first place, was that he waited so long to take it.

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