This Ride Called Life

Just 3 more days until heading back to Disney World!
I haven’t been since 2009, so I’m pretty excited.
Excited that Emery will be taller, so he can ride more rides now.
Excited to stay in a new resort this time.
Excited that it’s Dad’s first time…. ever.
And who am I kidding. At this point, I’m just excited to get away for a few days!
But, more than all this excitement, I’m probably more shocked than anything.
Shocked that my Mother would even invite me to go this time.
For she has yet to forgive me for taking her and Savannah on Soarin’ the last time we were there.

I didn’t realize just how grave a mistake it was until the seats rolled back, the lights went out, and I looked over and saw my niece slowly beginning to freak out.
Then the movie came on.
No sooner were we drifting over the Golden Gate bridge, and she was absolutely inconsolable.
So, I looked to Mom for reinforcement.
And it was then that I realized… it was two against one.
And not in my favor.
Mom was losing it pretty quickly herself.
An hour and a half wait to get into this ride, mind you.
So, I started trying to calm BOTH of them down.
“Just LOOK at ME! Stop looking at all that STUFF! LOOK AT ME!!!”
“Close your EYES! Just LISTEN to me!!!”
I think it’s safe to say that that was the single-most exhausting ride any of the 3 of us have ever been on.
But, as we walked away, I thought… You know. How many times have I been overwhelmed in this life, by all the craziness around me?
And how many times have I heard that still small voice clearly say “Stop. Look at Me. Don’t focus so on all that stuff. Just look to ME. Close your eyes and listen to ME.”
And I guess I can’t blame Mom and Savannah too much, because I don’t usually listen either… at least not until I’ve absolutely worked myself into a frenzy and come out of it just utterly exhausted.
Maybe one day I’ll learn to take my own advice.
And maybe this time, I’ll let them go ride the teacups while I enjoy the scenery!
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