Holiday Humor

I went to watch the kids one night last week. After watching some “Polar Express”, we were just hanging out, eating some pizza. Well, Savannah and I were eating our pizza; Emery had scarfed down what he was going to eat and ditched the rest for some quality time on

While Savannah and I picked at our pizza, she began to pick at me, saying… “I know what you’re getting for Chriiiistmas!” She said she got me something that started with ‘P’, so I played along.

“You got me a peanut!”


“A penguin?”

(giggle) “Noooooo!”

“A painting!”


“A popsicle? You know, that’s just gonna be Kool-Aid by Christmas Day.”

(laughing) “Nooooo!”

So, she then moved on to “I know what you’re getting from Emery, too!”

(gasp!) “You do?!?!”

“Yeppp! It starts with ‘S’!”

I said “Hmmmm… let me see… Is it a soccer ball?”

Emery, who appeared to only be half-way listening this whole time, glanced up from the laptop and candidly said “No. It’s socks. Kinda rainbow striped and really fuzzy” and looked back down to his game.

Hahahaha. Savannah said “EMERY!!”  And I couldn’t help but bust out laughing.

After that, Savannah went over and ‘told Emery what she got me’. Uh huh. Yeah, right. I wasn’t born yesterday, kid.

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  1. I Love the funny way kids say things! Thats just so cute! I can hear all the giggling and laughter too and then he just spills the beans! LoL :o)

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