re·demp·tion :

 Recovery of something pawned or mortgaged. 


 “Gainesville State School is a maximum-security detention facility, which houses some of the most violent male teen offenders in the state. The young men who are inmates at Gainesville are rewarded with participation on the football team if they are progressing in all areas of the facility’s rehabilitation program.

“Grapevine Faith’s fans participated in a similar outreach to the Gainesville team in 2008, an expression of compassion that drew national media coverage and has led to the development of a major motion picture detailing the story.

“Grapevine Faith’s head coach, Kris Hogan, initiated the outreach last year when he sent an email to his school’s families, students, and staff, asking that they reach out to the Gainesville team members and demonstrate unconditional love. His idea included the spirit line and cheering for the opposition.

“‘When I thought about how we could impact them, I thought about what would give them the most hope,’ Hogan explains. ‘That’s when I had the idea … My goal continues to be sending a special message to these boys … I want to let them know and feel they are just as valuable as any other person on Earth.’

“Last year’s game, won by Grapevine Faith 33-14, had an impact beyond the playing field.

“Members of the Grapevine Faith community continued to reach out to the inmates at Gainesville. Several of them serve as mentors to boys at Gainesville, visiting them on a regular basis. In addition, the Heart of a Champion character program, a curriculum developed by a non-profit organization run by Grapevine Faith parents, has been deployed since last spring. As of this month, every participant in that program has progressed to the point of being sent home or being advanced to a halfway house. Other efforts to impact the youth at Gainesville continue with long-term transition programs in development.

“The movie on last year’s game, One Heart, is in pre-production and is scheduled for release in fall 2010. The film is being produced be local production company, Eterne Films, with Steve Riach as the producer. The film’s screenwriter is native Texan write/actor Lane Garrison. Information on One Heart can be found at” (Source:

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  1. Such a great story. Had no idea they were making a movie … hope it makes it to theaters in our neck of the woods.

    • It is a great story. And I’m so glad that it’s getting the attention it deserves. If more people invested in others, especially those who don’t seem to ‘deserve it’, this world would be a much better place.

  2. This has really a great and inspiring story and the Lord did a great job with Kris Hogan continuing on witnessing to these young men, as well as the staff at the state school. God Bless you Kris!

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