The Wit and Wisdom of Grandma Mary

Tomorrow would have marked my Grandma Mary’s 99th Birthday. And man, do I miss her. I would love to know what she would’ve said about approaching 100. And had her mind not been taken from her, I believe she would’ve seen it.

Of course, hanging out with her for just one day, you’d be left with some pretty good guesses at what she might say if she were still around today. She was always full of one-liners, at least one for every year she’d been around.

So, in memory of my hilarious, off-the-cuff, nonconformist Grandma, here’s my meager list of Grandma Maryisms. And if you think of any I’ve missed, by all means, let us hear ’em.  ♥ 

*Warning* Some content not suitable for young viewers.  🙂

  • Dear Gussy!
  • Heavenly days, ba-gee!
  • Sweet 16, never been kissed … (pause) … or never been missed!
  • Looks good enough to eat!
  • Must’ve been somethin’ I et (ate), I ain’t drunk nothin’!
  • Well, I’ll be diddly-damned!
  • Ooooh! Opportunity corner!   ;o
  • Texaco …. Tex-e-o, Frank used to say!
  • Here, Tit-n-tat!  (Kitten Cat)
  • Makes me no never mind!
  • Whoop-de-do! (Inevitably followed by) Whoop-de-DO-de-do!
  • Can’t remember… slept a few nights since then!
  • (When asked how she’s been) Still puttin’ one foot in front a the other!
  • Well, sh*t and 2 is 8!
  • Scared me outta a year’s growth!
  • Take your time leavin’, but hurry back!
  • Doodness Dracious!
  • Oh that’s nice … nicey-nice …
  • The Lord is my shepherd … I got all I want!

Happy Birthday, Grandma!!!
♥  Love you and miss you !!!  ♥

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  1. She always said of her children: “I wouldn’t take a million dollars for any of ’em, and I wouldn’t give you a nickel for another one!”

    “I beg your pardon. I never promised you a rose garden.”

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