‘Tis the Season…









*Please don’t take this post the wrong way and know that the true meaning of Christmas is certainly not lost on me and that it indeed means the world to me and I am not the least bit ashamed to say that. That said… *

I feel sorry for the word ‘holiday’. I’m sure you know where I’m going with this. It’s become such a heated subject. ‘Christmas’ -vs- ‘Holiday’. ‘Christmas’ -vs- ‘Holiday’. I remember when the two were synonymous and joyfully went hand in hand and yet now, it seems, one is good and the other evil. I just feel like ‘holiday’ got caught in the crossfire. So, I can’t help but feel bad for it.

Now, I understand how folks (aka- corporations/ gov’t offices…) in today’s culture use it as a watered down, generalized, politically correct, don’t-wanna-step-on-any-toes replacement for the real deal ‘Christmas’. And, yes, that’s right up there on my list, along with no prayer in school and doing away with ‘In God We Trust’ on the currency (slowly, but oh so surely). And maybe if the alternate was a more secular word, I’d be more ruffled, but ‘holiday’ couldn’t have a more innocent intent. Aside from the British referring to their vacation time, its meaning is simply:  “A religious feast day; a holy day”. *Gasp!*  Is that not what Christmas is?

Now, when it comes to those situations where officials try to dictate that you cannot say “Merry Christmas” (as a store clerk, for example), you certainly should take a stand, if that’s what you choose to say. But, I guess on the flip side, I resent being dictated to say “Merry Christmas” in order to prove to others that I am, indeed a Christian. Not that I wouldn’t say “Merry Christmas” otherwise. But, it’s become such a political stand now that it almost feels like I’m more trying to prove something than just sweetly wish folks (what should be) a blessed Holy Christmas season. And I resent the fact that now, should I get a Christmas card from someone that sweetly says “Happy Holidays” on the front, that my immediate reaction is that of judgment and bitterness. Instead of simple joy and appreciation.

Oh, how satan must love this time of year.

I guess I just hate all the lines being drawn in the sand. But, I guess it’s just the times we live in. And if I have to choose which side of the line I’m on, I will side on the politically incorrect side of “Merry Christmas”. But, not without feeling a little bit sad for the word ‘holiday’. That’s all.

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  1. Good point. Sure, the word “holiday” has been co-opted, but that doesn’t make it any less valid. My biggest problem is the use of “holiday” in commercials in ways that no real person would use it; they’re more concerned with not offending anyone that they offend those of us who appreciate realistic dialogue!

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