Path of Least Resistance

A popular theology today is one that teaches that if you just havedaisies faith enough, then your life will be all sunshine and daisies. All you have to do is keep your chin up, keep the faith and ‘think happy thoughts’. God will bless the believer.

However, this theology is just not biblical.

Don’t get me wrong, God will bless you, should you put your trust in Him. But, maybe not always the way you expect or want or even think you need.

Think about it for just a moment. Imagine if you did always get what you felt you wanted or needed.  Every prayer lifted. Every ‘happy thought’ released. Returned right back to you, in full, in your time.

First of all, how many times can you look back and say in all honesty “Whew! Sure am glad that didn’t work out the way I’d planned!” or “Sure am sorry that DID work out the way I’D planned!” (Brace yourself: We don’t always know what’s best for us. Shocking. I know.)

Secondly, even if things did end up going well, wouldn’t all these swiftly answered prayers just turn God into one big Genie? Our wish being His command?

Thirdly, we wouldn’t have any real appreciation for anything. Just a shallow expectancy. (I don’t know about you, but this is not who I want to be.)

Fourthly, (is there ever actually a fourthly? I don’t know. But, I’m on a roll, so fourthly we go…) we would have no substance. Be of no real worth, per se, as a Christian. We wouldn’t know how to help the lost and hurting. And we wouldn’t have as tender a heart.

And we wouldn’t have a testimony. (My lastly, but not leastly?) I suppose a lot of folks just imagine a testimony as your point of conversion. But, to me, it’s a rolling sort of thing. Your testimony is strongest when it keeps rolling on. When people can see a light in you despite your situation. Not simply because things are ‘going your way’.

Anway. In the words of Forrest Gump “That’s all I’ve got to say about that.

I apologize if it was perhaps a little abrupt or jumbled together. But, I’ve just been hit with so much good Truth this weekend, it was really weighing on my heart and mind. So, just decided to throw it out there. Feel free to add any sixly’s and sevenly’s…

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  1. So good, girl. You are so, so right. Thanks for the reminder — those truths shared in the uphill journey are priceless.

  2. There’s more where that came from! 😉
    I just had to get these off my chest in order to get to the real ‘meat’ I’m still chewing on from this weekend!

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