Nobody Notices…

“Nobody notices what I do until I don’t do it.”
Haven’t we all experienced this at one time or another?
It seems as long as we’re going along, doing a good job (at whatever) nobody has much to say about it. But, sure as we slip up, it seems the whole world notices and has something to say about it! (…or so it may feel…)
And I just got to thinking… this must be how God often feels. When things are going along smoothly and everything is ‘as it should be’ (or so we think), He’s lucky to get a little nod every now and again. But, sure as something bad happens, He’s often the first One to get a finger pointed to.
I suppose it’s only human nature, to some degree, to expect the good and take note of the bad, but I just wonder… as Christians, why is it so easy to believe that God has every capability beyond our comprehension to keep some things from happening ~ enough to blame Him for any bad that’s taken place ~ and yet sometimes struggle so fiercely to believe in Him, trust in Him, and even acknowledge Him for the good?
Or is this just me?
(… Wait … Don’t answer that.)
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  1. You know what’s funny? I think I worry more about messing up by not doing something than messing up by doing something…

  2. The ole “Sin of Omission” haunts us all, Chris. But I concur with often do I simply fly by without pausing to thank God for the goodness He gives even when it is seemingly unnoticeable (but I guess I am to blame for not noticing). A friend of mine sets his iphone to alarm him on the hour every hour. Then he stops whatever he is doing and prays. Usually the prayer will pertain to his task at hand. Therefore lifting up to God all emotions and all things. I think I may subscribe to this plan (however I wish that I needn’t an alarm.)

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