Tasty Morsels from Micca…


Just into Chapter 3 of “An Untroubled Heart” and already uncovered a few little nuggets that really comforted me that I’d like to share…

“We act as if everything depends on us. We wouldn’t dare admit that we are in over our heads. We want to appear in control. But, God never meant for you and me to be strong in and of ourselves. We were meant to show His strength in our weakness as He provides for our needs.” (emphasis mine)

“Again, we misunderstand the benefit of a surrendered life. It’s not about giving up; it’s about gaining the power and presence of God living His life through us.” (emphasis mine)

“Faith in God’s provision is our anchor that secures a life free from fear.”

SUCH great reminders! I am loving this book and am coming to realize just how timely it really is for me right now.

Hope they serve as good reminders to you, too! Now… off to read some more!!

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  1. There’s that word again…SURRENDER. It keeps popping up, doesn’t it?

  2. Only for like the past FIVE years for me.
    You’d think the lesson would be hit home by now, but I guess some folks are slowwwwww learners…

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