Please Pray…

* Update this morning: “After Bryan’s first plasma exchange yesterday, his kidney scores (creatinin & BUN) are a little better!  This is the first time there’s been any sign of improvement in weeks!”  YAY! Thanks for praying everyone! Please keep them going up!! *
When I first starttues night2ed attending Eastridge, my very first real acquaintance was my sweet Anita…. my ‘pew buddy’. Since then, we have had the chance to get to know one another better, through time and deep Bible study. She’s a sweet lady with a gentle spirit and a tender heart. A heart that’s already been through so much, just since I’ve known her and today is especially heavy.
Her not-quite-yet 5 month old grandson, Bryan has had many health complications. “He is at Scottish Ritbb2e with HUS –
hemolytic uremic syndrome – a disease that affects the kidneys, etc.” He’s been through multiple blood transfusions (upwards around 8 or so now?). They’ve had to formulate a special medicine to regulate his high blood pressure. His kidneys are functioning at a critical level. They’ve had to put a catheter in his neck. And they are now trying to do a plasma pheresis, to treat his blood plasma and hopefully get his little body to start creating red blood cells on his own. “He will do this every day for five days in a row, have a day off, and repeat for 3-4 weeks. They will only stop this treatment during the 3-4 weeks, if: 1-there is a complication, and they cannot continue or 2-he gets better. We’re hoping for the latter.”
Please join us in praying for this sweet boy and his family ~ as you can imagine, they are worried sick and exhausted.
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  1. I’m praying for Anita and Bryan, Jess.

  2. Such sweet little guy. Must be grueling on everyone. I’ll be praying.

  3. Praying for this child! God is the original Healer…praying that’s what’s in store.

  4. So happy to hear there’s been a positive bit of news! Will be praying for that sweet li’l one!

    By the way, Jess…. is the soundtrack an option for this site? I have to admit, many times I’ve opened your blogspot site to have the playlist playing in the background. I always love your choices 🙂

  5. Thanks, ~D!

    You know, it’s so funny. I’m trying out this whole wordpress thing, but I haven’t figured out how to get anything other than my blog roll on the side?? I do miss the music part! I’m all about the ‘soundtrack’ effect. 🙂 Trying to give this thing the ol’ college try. (Getting very frustrated…) But, you just feel free to go over to the blogspot and play my music there anytime.:) Probably wouldn’t know how to close out my blog there anyway – even if I’d wanted to! HA!

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