Twists and Turns and lots of Dead-ends…

Having been raised in Illinois, you would think that I would have had my share of corn mazes. However, I don’t remember ever having heard of it before I got to go through a sweet one just up the road from here several years back with a friend of mine and her son. I guess it’s become more of a phenomenon in recent years. And with all the GPS technology out there now, they really are quite impressive – cutting out elaborate images of all kinds, only seen and appreciated from above.

And as I was trying to determine how I feel right now in my life, my mind went to these corn mazes.

It’s as though I set out on a journey, full of excitement and anticipation. Intrigued by all that surrounded me, I marveled at the intricate plan that it must have taken to develop such a journey as this. The sun shone down on me and I found my steps quick and light, eager to see what twists and turns this journey would take me through. All the while, anxious to discover what had awaited me at the end of this incredible adventure.

But, that was before.

Before the dark began to set in. The sun started to fade, I began to feel chilled and those very surroundings that had once beckoned me started closing in all around me.

And now, the twists and turns that once held such wonder and intrigue seem to almost taunt and discourage me.

Lost. Alone. Discouraged. Cold. Confused. Weary. And afraid.

Tired of dead-ends. Broken in spirit. Without direction and without much faith.

And it’s now that I must remind myself that there is One Who has intricately mapped this journey laid out before me. One Who sees the bigger picture and yet knows each twist and turn along the way.

And even though it may feel like He’s just left me and that He’s just waiting patiently, to receive me at the end – and has left me blindly navigating through this maze all on my own… I do believe that He is here with me, quietly guiding me and softly encouraging me to hold on to my faith and to hold on to Him.

For the sun is sure to come back out and I believe one day, I’ll be amazed at the final bigger picture of the journey we’d made it through together.

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  1. I really, really love this post, Jess. What an honest expression of your heart before God — and how He is at work in that! You are a wonderful masterpiece that He is busy creating even now. A display of His splendor, precious one! And how beautiful you are!

    I’m praying for you.

  2. That’s cool how you put those descriptions together. Sorry you are so bummed about where you are in life. To others, myself included, you are wonderful and bring so much joy to those around you. Your niece and nephew love you to death!!! I love you too.

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