A Day in the Life of a (Reluctantly called) ‘Crazy Cat Lady’

~Last week, my sister invited us all to join her in sharing our typical day in pictures. Well, I chose Saturday (because although it is still technically, my Friday -workwise- it is a little more laid back…) So, here’s how my typical day in the life of Jessica played out…

(Brace yourselves – the excitement may be more than you can stand!) : )

Most mornings, my sweet little psycho stray kitten, Li’l Bit brings me her toy (a lovely recycled bread tie) so I will throw it for her. I guess God knew that I would love to have a dog if I only had the $$ and space for one, so He did what he could and sent me a cat who loves to retrieve.

…Oh yeah. And loves water. Not your typical cat at all.
She got up on my bathroom counter one morning and in order to scare her down, I turned on the faucet.
Turned out… she LOVED it. And now, every single morning, when I come around the corner to head for the showers… she’s sitting there, waiting in the sink. For me to turn on the water so she can play in it. Crazy.

Hi ho.
Hi ho.
It’s off to work I go.
These are the steps that I take down to the parking lot from my doorstep.
The ones I really need to just run up and down about 50 x a day, but I get tired just thinking about it…

And, ahhhh. My beloved most treasured thing about living in my ‘hood. The would-be, could-be nice wrought iron gate with the railroad crossing bar in front of it! That takes a short eternity every time you come to it. And again, I mean, who are they trying to fool? All the hoodlums are already on this side of the gate, people! For pity’s sake: open it up and let a few out once in a while!

Okay… now when I finally get ‘out on work release’ (or so it feels at this point) I get headed down the interstate, thankfully headed away from traffic, and much later than all the other morning traffic. So, pretty smooth sailing from there…

And here’s my exit. The one I am pretty auto-programmed to get off on by this point (13 years later…). Exit 98. Social Circle. (Where it seems they don’t like to dot their i’s…?)

And, this is the sweet scene I have crossed over the bridge to find more times than I could count.

Man- just think… If I only had a dollar for every time I crossed this bridge… well, I’d probably still be where I am today.
But, it’d be nice to have, just the same…

Alright… here it is… don’t blink or you might miss it. The end-all, be-all place for fried green tomatoes and fried chicken in the South. My home away from home…

The Blue Willow Inn Restaurant

But, they know what’s best for them, so they keep me out of the kitchen.

I live down in the gift shop instead.
Where the only damage I can do is break fine valuables. And trust me… I’ve done my share…

And this is my view on the world for the greater part of most any day of the week. At the counter, ringing folks up.

Well, that and telling them where the restroom is and how to get to the restaurant.
(Now, that’s where I’d rake in some serious dough! If I only had a NICKEL for every time someone asked one of those two questions… forget Blue Willow… I’d be livin’ high on the hog. Not sure where… but I feel certain it’d be high and it would definitely be ‘on the hog’. Whatever that means…)

The other place I dwell on the premises would be our underbelly storage. AKA – THE DUNGEON.

This is where our gift shop office is and anything that we don’t want in the gift shop…
‘Stop ’em – with a Schlage’!
Can’t stop me… I’m up there about 50 million x a day! (Well, alright, maybe not quite that many… but if I had a quarter for every time… well, you get the picture…)

Can’t stop the UPS guy or the Fed Ex guy either. Which explains all the ‘stuff’ up there. And this is just one room of about 5 up there. And this is actually probably the lowest inventory we’ve had in storage since I’ve been there.

And unfortunately, Schlage can’t stop a tea-spill from coming in on us either.

And unfortunately, this is quite a regular incidence, occuring – oh, I’d say about 3 or 4 x a week! Yep. Right there all over our boxes. Sometimes on our heads. It’s great.
And the ‘funny part’ – we were fine until the health dept. came in and ‘corrected’ the kitchen sink above us.
Thanks again, guys… yeah, this way is MUCH more sanitary and I just LOVE that sticky hair!

And, behind this door… Well, let’s just say, you’ve been given fair warning. It’s dark. It’s creepy. It’s the one reason we’ve been thankful for a drought for 2 years, because any time it rains, we have a ‘river run through it’. It’s filthy.

It is the true underbelly of the beast…


And what a mess! Old displays we don’t use. Boxes full of packing peanuts. Old chairs. There was a backseat to a minivan down there for a time (?). You name it – it’s down there. Or, at least has spent time there or will at some point in the future…


So, the day finally ended at BW, so headed on over to Target to get my pack of crackers that they left out of my bags the night before (long story).
And, no sooner got off the interstate and it sounded and felt kind of like the road had been resurfaced. I thought: “Strange. Didn’t hear that last night…” Kinda pulled over to get out of the regular ‘tracks’ in the road and it still made that sound.
… Sure enough. Flat tire. Flat as could be. Big shiny nail. Sweeeeet.

Finally get back over to Target (for my crackers). Thanks to Dad and his expertise in changing a tire – ’cause heaven knows, I’d still be on the side of Flat Shoals Rd trying to get the car jack out of the trunk!

Back to the ‘hood. To ‘check back in’ for the night. Here’s the lovely gate pass reader to let us back in to this fine ‘institution’. The place I thought I’d get be out of in 5 or less. But, it’s looking like I don’t quite have the ‘bail money’ I need just yet, so maybe another 5 to 10.

My “Streams”. My beloved irreplaceable devotional for the past 3 years.
I may have some others I like to read, too.
But, there’s just no other like “Streams”.
I know a lot of people start their days off with it. But, I prefer to end mine with it.
Last night’s: “Joseph’s master took him and put him in prison… But… the Lord was with him…” Gen. 39:20-21
Good to know He’s with me, even (and especially) in the ‘hood.

And then, of course… I can’t forget my addictions!!!!
I have to fire up the old computer and check in on everybody!
I could (and normally do) spend HOURS upon HOURS on this darned computer.
But, I can’t imagine what I ever did without it.
And without all you sweet ‘peeps’.
(Seriously. Y’all pray I get out of the ‘hood soon… I think they’ve begun to rub off on me! Next thing you know, I’m gonna be wearin’ my drawers down around my knees!) πŸ™‚
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  1. You crack me up!!! Let me know if you need some lessons in HOOD-NESS, I can hook you up — about 1/2 of my school lives in your ‘hood! And yes, I remember the days of “how do i get to the front of the restaurant” and “where’s the nearest restroom”. Thanks for sharing your day.

  2. I love this post! It’s always interesting to see what goes on in other people’s lives. Hmm…maybe that’s why I like blogs so much? πŸ˜‰ I am praying about gettin’ you out of the ‘hood. Be safe!

  3. Cool idea for a post. I love your cat although I couldn’t be around him/her or the sneezing would commence. Thanks for sharing your day. I hope today is better than ‘flat tire day’.

  4. That’s funny! Thanks for playing along. I still have to do mine this week!

  5. Interesting. I may have to take this project on myself…

  6. Thanks for sharing this, Jess! I’ve been so blessed by this online connection, and love your sense of humor about life in general πŸ™‚ So cute!

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