“Natural stressors such as sun (temperature and glare) … vibration, and noise may affect your judgment…”
(PWC Safety Course)

Well, there you go.
I knew there had to be a very viable reason that I would just go up to Bart Millard and introduce myself. (Seeing as that is SO not in my nature to do!) Thankfully, he remained very gracious and did not have me hauled off (in the paddy wagon). And actually even let us get a quick picture before heading off for their signing…

* You guys were so great. I apologize once again for nearly assaulting you! We were just cooling off in the courtesy tent and dreading heading back out into the blazing sun where our seats were… and I just never expected you all to pull up right in front of us. I guess I must have lost my senses… I blame the sun. Five hours of broiling in the Georgia heat can have that affect. Thank you for understanding…

Oh! And great job performing, too! : ) You guys are truly gifted.

Now I would like to just take this opportunity to abdicate my roll as SLOB of the month to the next one, though you are probably fearful of doing that any more, on account of creating more crazed fans! And who could blame you! Certainly not this crazy SLOB. *

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  1. Great picture! And once again…your musical selection appropriateness cracks me up. 🙂


  2. When the label says “apply every 15 minutes as needed,” you know they’re talking to you, right? (looks like Bart got fried too)

  3. Super cool. Except for the scorching your skin took, it looks like a fabulous day. I know you must have been tickled to meet your beloved, mercy me. Sweet, sweet blessings!

    Now go get yourself some solarcaine and aloe!! 🙂

  4. Jessica – Just wanted to come by quickly and thank you for the congratulations! I guess we’re the only two so far that know what it’s like to be S.L.O.B’s! Still trying to get my head around that. Anyway, love your blog and can see why it was the original and first winner. Great stuff. I’m going to blogroll you on mine if that’s alright! Thanks again and congratulations to you (late) as well. God bless!

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