Calling Bluff
Today’s sermon was on ‘truth’. Funny, because I have been reciting (over and over) in my mind all week something that was quoted on Beth Moore’s Blog last Tuesday:
“Satan will tell us what’s true, but he never tells us the truth.” (Michael Wells)
Sounded pretty good at the time and you can appreciate that it’s somewhat profound right off, but I had no idea how much I would come to appreciate those words this week! I have come under such attack these last few days from satan and his lies. I’ve just been reeling trying to discern the gray areas in all his little white lies and half-truths and determining his darkness in holding it up against the light of the real Truth.
But, as our sermon notes say, it’s often ‘easier said than done’. And almost always takes time and effort on our part. Thank God He’s patient and willing to work with us!
“We know truth, not only by reason, but also by heart.” (Blaise Pascal)
But, satan is all too familiar with us, is he not? He knows how to drag up the past when the future looks good… and knows how to plant all seeds of doubt when things are going well in the present. He knows how to remind us of yesterday’s storms and cast shadows over the promise of tomorrow.
I’ll spare you all the dramatic fallacies he’s had me convinced of this week (some would probably just make you laugh). But, I will say that I do hope to be better suited up for the next battle (Eph. 6:13) and have that ‘belt of truth’ more securely fastened! As I cannot honestly say that I have walked away from this one unscathed. Although hopefully, I can say that I’m a little stronger for it.
For it’s in the struggles that we get to know more fully the truth and heart of God.
And often end up learning more about ourselves as well.
“You never find yourself until you face the truth.” (Pearl Bailey)
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  1. Great post, again! Did you hear that sermon this morning by Ravi? I only heard about 15 minutes and it was good!

  2. Awesome Post Jess! I hear you about suiting up and preparing for battle!!!

    Praying you are feeling great today!


  3. Jess,
    I can so relate, especially the dredging up the past part. Sorry to hear you’re under such attack. Don’t know if you’ve got access to podcasts, but if you can find Adrian Rogers (Love Worth Finding) on your iTunes, they’ve been posting some of his sermons on our thought life, battle for the mind, etc. lately, and it’s been a huge blessing to me (esp. since they’re free).

    I’m still praying, btw.

  4. awesome post, jess! Awww. Your heart for the Father is so beautifully communicated!
    Please keep our church in your prayers when you think of it….and our former pastor and fam. So much heaviness right now in our midst — pray that we will look to Jesus alone to lift our spirits!
    Grace and peace to you!

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