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Today, I worked with my dear friend, Lynn. Just as I have for most every Saturday over the last 3 years. And I must say, that when she first came on board, I had no idea the impact that girl would make on my life, as well as all the others around us. She is such an inspiration. The absolute ‘diamond in the rough’. We all stand back amazed that such a gem has come out of such a mess. And she has an absolutely unbreakable spirit and unshakable faith. Such simple, yet to-the-core faith that I am so thankful to get to witness on a regular basis. Truly a one-of-a-kind girl and a blessing without a doubt.
That’s how we all feel about Lynn.
And that’s why it’s so hard for us to comprehend her current ‘situation’.
See, Lynn has taken care of her family for years. She’s lived with her father and step-mother, younger brother, and (half of the time) her sister with her four children (under the age of 5). As well as her own son, Layne. She’s fed them all, taken care of the house, and worked to help support them. Which is great. But, it’s always upset us that they’ve taken such advantage of her. See, generally, step-mom is the only other one in the household who worked a regular job. So, it was practically all on our Lynn. Finances. Housekeeping. Meals. Childcare. You name it. She’s also the most emotionally stable, so they all depend on her for that support as well. She even got them all in church in the last year or so!
Well, as of October, ’07, she finally found a WONDERFUL fellow named Matt. And they hit it off immediately. We were so happy for her!! Sweet guy who just adores her and Layne and came into that mess, lending the same gentle, giving spirit as she had all those years. He bought them appliances and even a truck for dad. He built on a room to their house, to make more room for all the people living there. Neither one with even so much as a complaint.
Then, they got married in February of this year, and just got all good and settled in their little house (all to themselves- YAY!) and starting a life of their own. None of them could be any happier.
Except for the family she ‘left behind’ to start that new life. After dad had already wounded her by actually kicking her out of the house before they were actually ready (Layne still needed to finish out school) and they had completely stopped speaking to her. Now, they actually had the audacity to call up the guy who is most likely Layne’s real father (from 9 years ago) and are prodding him to fight Lynn for ‘rights’. A guy who has never cared anything about Lynn or Layne and still doesn’t seem to as far as she can tell. He has a family of his own now and it would just further destroy all the families involved. But, most of all our sweet Lynn and her new tender-hearted Matt. Both of whom have done nothing short of keeping them all on their feet with giving hearts and wonderful attitudes.
Her parents are just that bitter and scared now without her, that they are willing to do anything to get her back, even if it means sabatoging her dreams come true.
The guy is supposed to call her sometime this week to discuss the blood tests… and she just asked for prayer that this would all be ‘dropped’ and that they won’t have to go through all this. As no good could come of it at this point, at all.
So, if you all could just keep my sweet Lynn in your prayers, that she and Matt would only become stronger together through this struggle and that her parents would find it in their hearts to look past their own struggles to see her happiness and share in that happiness instead. Or, if it does come down to contesting rights, that she would find sound counsel to help them through it all.
Thank you so much. I know she would greatly appreciate all the prayers she can get right now.

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  1. Happy to join you in prayer. I love your heart for others!!


  2. Sure will! You’re a great friend to have!

  3. It never ceases to amaze me the selfish behavior of people. Co-dependency is what that is and yes, the fear is real they are experiencing. However, this girl will have to fight to have a life of her own.
    I will pray for her. I recommend to her the book: Boundaries!

  4. Also, happy to join you in prayer. I hate to admit it but I just discovered your “blog” and girl I am blown away! You are such an inspiration — so glad you’re in my life!!!

    aka Breaking Free dropout

  5. I have added her to the prayer list on my blog and the prayers in my heart.

  6. That’s awful. I will definitely be praying for Lynn and Matt. Thanks again for this blog, as it strengthens my faith on a regular basis.

  7. Wow…that is tough! I am just now reading this for the first time, but will definitely pray for them and that situation. Fear makes people do odd things, but it’s really sad that her family can’t be happy for her when this ‘new life’ seems like it really could be such a blessing for them all…especially if this guy is as good to your friend’s family as you mentioned. Tell her that I’ll be praying for her too!

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