The Week in Pictures…

Well, it’s been awhile since I’ve shared any of my personal pictures with you all (aside from my sunsets), so here are just a few of my most recent shots.


It took me a whole week before I realized that our apartment windows had been pummelled in the recent hailstorm. I pulled back my curtain in the bedroom one evening and saw what looked like gunshots through the glass! Thankfully, they are double-paned windows so it just flew through the screen and then through the outer pane of glass. (Otherwise, I’d like to think it would’ve taken less than a week for me to notice.) It wasn’t ’till I realized my breakage that I then walked out to discover that indeed the whole building had been severely damaged!
The guys were great enough to replace the windows yesterday; however, I realized this morning, while bent over blow drying my hair, that there were bunches of shiny little shards in my carpet! They must’ve dropped some on their way out! It’s a wonder I didn’t have feet full of glass last night, going to bed!! Can’t imagine how I missed it all.

Here are the kids on Easter Sunday, after finding their respective baskets.
… Note the family resemblance. : )
I had asked them each to “show me your goodies!” And they both proceeded to hold them up in front of their faces.

But, alas, here is one of the sweet faces not hiding behind the candy.
Savannah and I got to playing around with the camera.
We took a bunch of silly shots, but actually had a decent one or two of the bunch. That girl is a born entertainer. All she needs is an audience and the world is her stage!!

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  1. And once again your musical accompanyment cracked me up! 🙂

  2. Your music choice cracks me up too!! Hilarious.

    Looks like you had a great Easter with family. You and Savannah look mighty cute hamming it up for the camera.

    I’m off to do my own post, I’ll be humming your song all day now. But, its okay, it takes me back!!


  3. You’re music is so funny. I’m hooked on my music going on with my post too! It’s fun.

  4. That’s amazing about the broken glass…I’m glad nothing else happened! And cute kids pics too! Those are fun days, no doubt!

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