and After

Well, here are a couple of pictures I had taken of the gift shop with all our changes being made last week. Should’ve gotten some during the progress, but didn’t! It was a mad-house. We had three days to completely make-over the shop. Sunday night was moving everything on one side of the shop to the other side. And if you’ve ever been in there, you can only imagine what an undertaking that was! All day Monday was the painting, caulking, cleaning up of displays… Tuesday, was getting the new carpet laid and the ’tile’ in the middle. Then, throwing everything back over to the finished side to get ready for the next day. Wednesday, was painting… on the unfinished side and then getting the carpet laid… to then, hurry and move everything to where it should be before having to open up Thursday morning for Valentine’s Day! It was crazy! But, glad we had the chance to do it.

However, now we’re all in contention. (Go figure.) Of course, after the week of 10-12 hour days, we’re tired and cranky. But, half of us like it. Half of us don’t. We all agree it’s better than it was… much cleaner, brighter, … But, I personally am one of those (along with the owner and his wife) who just feel that we’ve gone from one extreme to the other. Gone from clutter (…clutter, clutter, clutter…) to nothing at all. Don’t get me wrong… I think it looks great! – as an art gallery. A big concern of ours before was the ability to get wheel chairs down the aisles… however, now they can have races up and down the shop!

I just think we need a ‘happy medium’. But, that’s just me. See what you think…

(I didn’t get a very good shot of the ‘before’. Don’t know why it turned out so dark. Guess I didn’t use my flash… it wasn’t quite that much darker than it is now.)

Anyway, that’s our week in a nutshell! Now that we’ve all gone nutty!!

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  1. Wow! I like it. Now you will have a spot for the Christmas tree!

  2. Where’s all the crap, umm, I mean stuff. I feel like it is WAY underdressed. I’ll need to come see it for myself. See you soon!!

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