My Girl

Well, as of today, I’ve had my little crazy ‘street’ cat one year. I can’t believe that I even know that. I just remember that it was early Sunday morning the weekend following Valentine’s Day.

Outside my window in the parking lot just talking away. So, as is customary for me with any strays that show up, I threw on my robe, called her up to my apartment and she just ran right up the steps and walked in like she owned the place. Made herself so at home that I didn’t have the heart to follow my usual protocol of: let them in, warm them up, see if they’re hungry, send them on their way.

There was something different about this one. Sounds crazy, but there was more of a ‘connection’ with her. (Okay, so call me Crazy Cat Lady.) Now, granted it has caused for much frustration, as she drives cranky Sammi crazy and they fight incessantly and contrary to how involved she likes to be in cleaning up (as you can tell from the pictures) she can make a bigger mess of this place than most dogs could!

But, she’s sweet, loving and fun to play with. And, I think we’re both just here to get each other through life a little sweeter. And she is welcome here as long as she likes! (Sorry, Sammi.)

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  1. Aunt Jessica~ Your cats are so much fun!


  2. OK Jessica~

    If you can get that cat to actually put clothes in the washer, I would gladly take her off your hands…..even though I’m allergic to cats, and I would sneeze my head off for the rest of my life…..I have enough laundry to choke a horse, so it just might be worth it.

    Cute Cats!

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