Support for Jennifer!

Well, our ladies’ bible study just finished up our intense study on “Daniel” with Beth Moore, and I venture to say that we are all better for it. Totally worth any moments of brain overload that may have happened along the way. 🙂

But, we had such an amazing group of ladies in this study… the best I’ve been a part of to date. We weren’t quite ready to part company yet. So, we got together for one last hoo-rah and had Jennifer (the girl on the far right) speak to us about her upcoming mission trip to China.

She’s already been, several years ago, just for a short time, but this return mission is for a two-year commitment. It certainly takes a special person to do such work and I know Jennifer will be just the girl for the job. She’s got such enthusiasm for the Word and such a love for the Chinese people from her last trip. I know she will change many lives in her two years there.

She leaves next summer and is very excited to do so. But, she also knows it will still be hard to leave home. So, if you all could keep her in your prayers, I know she’d be appreciative.

*pictured above are only 5 of the 20-some ladies in our study, but by the time Jennifer thought to take the picture, we were the only ones left to be in it!
{ Me, Robyn (who led the study), Michelle, Laura, and Jennifer }

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  1. I’ll add her to my prayer list on my blog.

  2. Awww..your study is over so soon??? LOL! Glad you got through it. Next will be my turn. Can I borrow your notes?

  3. What a darling picture Jess…you gals are shining with the light of Jesus! Makes you not only beautiful on the inside but on the outside as well.

    You did the ‘Daniel’ study!?? You luckyduck! I am doing ‘Believing God’ right now with my hubby and another couple. We are doing it while we are on our Bible study break. One word…AWESOME!!!

    Your study sounds like just the kind of study that God intends for us women. One of time in His word, and of course lots of joy and laughter too.

    Love, Joanne

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