The other night, my sister was kind enough to try to help me figure out my apparent complications with YouTube – seeing as they just won’t accept my account for some reason? And after she had looked at it, it still just would not work. So, I jokingly (at the time) said “I guess I’m just not meant to blog!”

I hadn’t seriously gotten that discouraged and side-lined by a silly computer ‘glitch’. If it took so little with me, I’d have given it up a long time ago!! 🙂 (Ask Mom… it only takes my poor computer about 15 minutes to connect and then about 30 more to really get going on something… and then about 30 more before it kicks me off!)

But, the more I’ve thought about it, the more I’ve decided that it might be a good thing for me to take a bit of a hiatus from doing my blog. I don’t have any idea of how long. And I will most DEFINITELY still check in on the others in the meantime! But, I just really feel like I need to kind of step back and dig into the studies I’ve been blessed enough to find. And get really re-connected with God and what He’s wanting me to learn right now. I’ve been through so much with Him in recent years and want that close bond back again and have just not been able to attain it. And I think I know what He’s wanting of me. Complete surrender and obedience and 100% of my focus on Him. So, that’s what I intend (and want) to do.

You know, I had all these ideas for my blog, but just haven’t panned out thus far… which is frustrating… but maybe after I get back on track with the Lord, He’ll help me with my computing!! 🙂

In advance, I thank you all for standing by while I figure some things out. And I appreciate any and all prayers in my finding my way through life right now.

Who knows… maybe I’ll get it all figured out in record time and I’ll be back before the sun goes down! (Ha!) 🙂 Not for this slow study!!

I promise to keep up with all the other blogs though and y’all keep up the good work!

* (In the meantime… you gotta check out “the cutest pledge ever” over at Jodi’s blog!) *

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  1. Enjoy your time away, but know that you’ll be missed!

  2. Oh I can so relate to this post. I hope you return refreshed and renewed my friend.

    Hugs, Lyndy

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