This one’s for the GIRLS!!!

Tonight, I had the privilege of attending a special function at my church, just for the ladies. Above was our invitation and it left us intrigued by what exactly would be taking place there tonight. But, it sounded like fun, so with the help of my dear friend, Connie who loaned me the five bucks to attend (how sad is that??) I signed up for the experience.

Let me just say… I was NOT disappointed!! They had an excellent response… some 130 or so gals… which was great. And once we got there, we broke into groups of about 12.

I was really fortunate in the group I linked up with. Didn’t really know any of them starting out, but they were all very enjoyable and a lot of fun. PLUS… we were the first group to find out what the whole “excursion” was about. They led us outside and there came up a stretch limo. We piled in there nice and cozy and the driver took us to the square in Covington? I thought “Oh, boy! We’re going for ice cream at SCOOPS!” 🙂 Nope.

They let us out in front of “Utopia” – the new local spa and salon, thank you very much. I had never been to any spa before, let alone this one, so it was like being treated as royalty! They took us back, a few at a time and treated us to either: pedicures, scalp massages, fingernail polish, or paraffin hand treatments. Wow! I had the scalp massage, which was nice.

Then, we headed back to the church, trying to keep secret where we’d been, so as not to spoil the surprise… and from there, we went to make little jars of body scrub for ourselves. This comprised of: brown sugar, olive oil, and a little bit of fragrance. It was fun. And we mused about us all showing up Sunday in casts after crashing in the shower, slipping around on all that oil!!

From there, we got to hit the food table! And, what a spread it was! Awesome chicken salad croissants, cheese and crackers, fresh fruit and veggies, little tortilla roll-ups, Italian pasta salad, and chocolate-dipped strawberries!!! YUM! And, of course, some fruit punch to wash it down.

Next, we were headed off to make our own little bags of bath salts. We took and filled up little baggies with Epson salts (with a little bit of Rosemary) and baby oil. Mush it up in your bag and you’ve got bath salts! Nifty, huh!

And we still weren’t done yet… From there, we went to a classroom to get inspired about devotional time and pray.

And from there, we finished up at the candle table. We took votive candles and wrapped them in double-backed tape, rolled them in little different beads, then plopped them into glass votive holders… too cute! And fun!!

Like I say, the group I was with could not have been nicer or more fun. But, I think the whole thing overall was just a great success. Pastor’s wife had said that this was just the beginning of a new thing that they expect to really take off more than likely all over the nation. Our representatives already had great ideas of what they were going to do, but then went to a conference and got even more ideas! (I can’t remember what the national level is called!)

But, I am so glad I went. So thankful to Connie for the five dollars… (I’ll be glad to pay that interest you mentioned!) 🙂 It was worth WAY more than that! It was a great evening with some really great ladies. And hopefully, just the beginning of greater times ahead! Thanks, girls!!! I can’t WAIT ’till next time! ~

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  1. WOW!!! Sounds like great fun. Glad you had an enjoyable evening out!

    Big Hugs, Michelle

  2. Okay…I’m jealous!

  3. OMG…all that for $5.00???? Sign me up next time! 🙂

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