‘Twas the week before Christmas

‘Twas the week before Christmas
When all through the Shop
Nothing short of the H-bomb
Could get us to stop

The decorations all hung
Not too long ago
By now, are all thrown
To and (of course) fro

All the old ladies
Were donning their red
While flaunting their lovely
Purple hats on their heads

And Sally in her jacket
And I, in my boots
Had just warmed up
And were ready to SCOOT!

When out on the floor
There arose such a clatter
We sprang from the back
To see what was the matter?

Away to the store front
She flew in a dash
To find no-one around
And a little pile of glass

The fluorescent lights
Overhead gave a glow
To all of the lovely
Merchandise found below

When what to my weary eyes
Should appear?
But over in the corner
A kid riddled with fear

With a negligent mother
So far ‘out to lunch’ (and I’m not just talkin’ the Southern cuisine)
How would she EVER
Have so much as a hunch?

That it was her precious Johnny
Who knocked down the whole shelf
So, I just roll my eyes
In spite of myself

Now Judy! Now Sandra!
Now, Lynn and now Patty!
On, Sharon! On, Sheila!
On, Sarah and Sally!

To the front of the store!
To the counter RIGHT NOW!
Before I lose my religion
And break my one solemn vow

To treat every customer
As though she’s a friend
And not to wound feelings
I can’t in any way mend

At times, it is trying
It can be very hard
But, I can honestly say
I’ve killed no-one… so far!

But, if I should do so,
I’m sure it’ll be in this season
For it is then that I’m usually

The incessant complaining
The rude interruptions
Would leave any SAINT
Headed straight for corruption!!

So, we just do what we can
Determined to love what we do
And thank God that the nice ones
Outnumber the rude few

For we do have a number
Of great customers, too
Who truly do bless us
When they pass on through

And so, it’s for them
That we do all the work
To see the smile on their face
Is the most rewarding perk

Yet, even at that
By the time 5:00 comes,
We are completely exhausted
And our brains have gone ‘dumb’

So, with feet really dragging
But, with an ending in sight,
We can still happily say ~
“Merry Christmas to all,
And to all a GOOD NIGHT!”

Colossians 3:23 Work willingly at whatever you do, as though you were working for the Lord rather than for people.

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  1. I LOVE it! 🙂

  2. That’s so funny! Hahahahahaha!

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