‘Niles’ is back!!!

It has been such a nice little surprise lately, to see such activity having to do with the nature world, here “in the hood”. Not something you see every day around here.

But, about a week ago, I happened to look out the balcony door one night and see a family of cute little bunnies out on the one modest lawn we have between the basketball court and the pool area. They must’ve just had a litter and were venturing out for dinner. Most people didn’t even notice them, but then a couple with a little toddler boy watched them and waited for them to come back out of their refuge in the bushes. It was sweet.

Then, today, as I checked my mail, there was a group of excited young kids (of all ages) who told me all about the poor little bird they’d found, who’d evidently fallen out of the tree right there at the mail station. They were very sweet, trying to nurture it back to health there on their skateboard, surrounding it with big magnolia leaves and petting it. I didn’t have the heart to tell them that the best chance the baby would have was for them to just take it back to the tree and to let it go (the momma was nearby just having a fit). So, I just told them ‘Good luck’, admiring their strong desire to help the little guy.

BUT, the one that’s gotten me so excited is the re-appearance of my little ‘Niles’, just up the road from here! I’m not sure what he is, or why he’s there, but it’s a little white skinny Crane (to the best of my knowledge… which is also where I got the name – if you’ve every watched “Frazier”) and he had just taken up residence at this little water retention pond across the road from the Par-3 golf course. I noticed him probably about 2 or 3 months ago, but then he just disappeared. Until TODAY! I have looked for him every day, and was convinced he’d finally wised up and gone somewhere cooler (and didn’t really blame him if he had) but then, this morning I saw him back out there, gleening against the dingy water again. It just made my day. 🙂

Now that he’s back, I can only assume he had just needed a little vacation…. a bit of a getaway (which I certainly understand!!). BUT, the question is… who’s the little GRAY number I caught a glimpse of just the other day out there?? Perhaps some cute chick he enticed to come back home with him? or some tough guy who was threatening his habitat, which brought him back to his sweltering-hot home prematurely? It’s anybody’s guess at this point. I wish I were closer to be able to get to know him better. There’s only so much information you can gather, going down a busy road in the middle of the day.

I wonder what ever prompted him to take up on that pond? I wonder if the people who own the property even know he’s there? I wonder if they’d notice me hanging out there? I wonder how big a crime trespassing is? 🙂 I wonder how long ’till I get a life of my own???

Oh, well. Until then, I’ll just keep studying Niles and trying to figure out his life. I feel very connected to him by now. Not quite sure if it’s just from watching him so closely all these months? or ’cause he’s so white and skinny (much like me)? or ’cause he’s always just seemed like such a ‘lone ranger’ – doing his own thing, finding his own way in the world… But, who knows! Maybe he’s found his true love in the little Gray number, and there’s hope for us all!!! 🙂


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  1. I am interested in what you will be naming “the little gray number”. Will it be Maris or Daphne? And BTW, I thought you were done naming birds when Dad sold the chickens!!!!

  2. “Niles”…for a skinny little crane? You crack me up! Maybe now you can stop calling it “the hood” and start calling it “wild kingdom”

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